Number Session Level Category

June 25, 10:30am - 11:45am

501 Are You Promotable? Building Your Interpersonal Skills Tool Kit IA Business Skills & Personal Development
502 How to Sell Safety to Difficult Employees and Managers I Business Skills & Personal Development
503 Construction Standards - OSHA or A10??? Just What Are the Differences and How Should They Be Used? I Construction / Mining
504 The Power of Water: Assessing Your Risk of Water Related Perils and Formulating a Response Plan I Emergency Management / Security
505 Strategies & Skills For Preventing Both Hand Injuries and Strains/Sprains A Ergonomics
506 Combustible Dust... Elements of Dust Hazard Assessment BI Fire Protection
507 OSHA in Healthcare: Have We Finally Got Their Attention? BIAE Healthcare / Wellness
508 Would You Watch Out For My Safety - A Leadership Perspective BIAE Executive - Human Behavior
509 Practical Steps for Addressing Fitness-For-Duty I Industrial Hygiene / Health
510 International Safety Management Issues - 2 Part Session I International
511 Enhancing Safety Barriers for the Next Generation of GOM Drilling MODUs A Oil & Gas
512 I2P2 - How Does the California Experience Impact the Federal Debate? I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
513 Risk Assessment - The Missing Link for EHS Professionals AE Risk Management / Insurance
514 So You're Retired? Not So Fast - Attacking Injuries of an Aging Workforce IA Risk Management / Insurance
515 Complacency: The Silent Killer BIA Executive - Safety Management
516 DIY BBS - Making It Work on a Global Scale I Safety Management
517 Improving Safety Culture, Behavior and Management Practices to Prevent Injuries I Executive - Safety Management
518 Effectively Addressing Unexpected Fall Protection Needs B Technical / Engineering / Standards
519 Lockout/Tagout and Machine Guarding - The "Minor Servicing" Exception BIA Technical / Engineering / Standards
520 The Safety Journey of an Arc Flash Survivor (Human Behaviors and Hazard Recognition) AE Training / Education
521 Gas Detection - Principles, Applications and Importance for Safety Management B Industrial Hygiene / Health

Spanish Session

The Solution to the Puzzle - La Solucion al Enigma
Fundamentals / Spanish
523 Key Issue Roundtable #1: Fatigue in Transportation: Latest in Regulations & Research Key Issue Roundtables

June 25, 3:15pm - 4:15pm

526 Delivering Messages to Your Board in a Way that will Ensure They will Listen BIAE Business Skills & Personal Development
527 Top 10 OSHA Citations Under the New Crane Standard and How to Avoid Them I Construction / Mining
528 CORESafety: A New Direction in U.S. Mine Safety & Health Management I Construction / Mining
529 Plant Emergency Organizations - Achieving a Positive Outcome When an Emergency Occurs BIA Emergency Management / Security
530 Brave the Storm: Managing Storm-water Pollution and Reducing Environmental Impact BIA Environmental / Hazardous Material
531 Reducing Risk in Paradise - Steps the Atlantis Resort Took to Improve Guest Safety I Hospitality
532 The Human Dynamics of Safety: 20 Safety-Management Errors with Simple Solutions BIAE Executive - Human Behavior
533 What are the 85-3 Coalition and the Dangerous Decibels Program I Healthcare / Wellness - Industrial Hygiene / Health
534 OSHA Construction Update I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
535 OSHA Current Activities Update B Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
536 Winning Ergonomics Strategies for Direct Delivery Employees B Ergonomics - Risk Management / Insurance
537 "What are the Odds" - The Probability of an Accident I Risk Management / Insurance
538 Transformational Leadership - A Key Element in the Journey to World Class Safety AE Executive - Safety Management
539 Health and Safety Management Systems - A Comparative Analysis of Content & Impact I Safety Management
540 Safety's Impact on Sustainability A Executive - Sustainability
541 Practical Approaches to Implementing a H&S Management System: OHSAS 18001 & ANSI Z10 A Technical / Engineering / Standards
542 Industrial Electrical Safety Inspections I Technical / Engineering / Standards
543 Bag of Tricks - Presentation Design 2 BI Training / Education
544 Supervisors - Safety Asset or Liability I Safety Management
545 Safe Driving For Every Season I Transportation
546 Fundamentals of SH&E: Overview of Regulatory Compliance 101A B Fundamentals / Spanish
547 Key Issue Roundtable #2: Mentoring & Coaching from the Common Interest Group (CIG) Perspective Key Issue Roundtables
548 Key Issue Roundtable #3: Overcoming Obstacles for Success: Consulting Survival Key Issue Roundtables

June 25, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

550 Driving Profitability While Protecting Your Employees' Safety and Well Being A Business Skills & Personal Development - Executive
551 Tweet Your Way Through Your Next Crisis? Social Media and Crisis Communications IA Business Skills & Personal Development
552 Experience Modification Rates - An Accurate Measure of Safety Performance? BIAE Construction / Mining
553 Safe Handling, Storage and Transportation of Compressed Gas Cylinders I Environment / Hazardous Material
554 Ergonomics & the Mobile Environment B Ergonomics
555 Work Site Stretching Programs - Five Key Processes for Continuous Improvement I Healthcare / Wellness
556 An Introduction to Basic Exposure Assessment for the Safety Professional B Industrial Hygiene / Health
557 An Insight into Significant Challenges Faced by the SH&E Profession - An International Prospective IE International
558 Surface Spills in Hydraulic Fracturing and Recommendations for Safety Management I Oil & Gas
559 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About GHS and HazCom 2012 BIA Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
560 Risk Management and Its Impact on Environmental Health and Safety I Risk Management / Insurance
561 Risk Financing for the Loss Control Professional B Risk Management / Insurance
562 Are We on the Path to Zero or Are We Kidding Ourselves? A Safety Management
563 Beyond Safety... Identifying and Overcoming the Barriers that Prevent Organizational Safety Performance Excellence AE Executive - Safety Management
564 The Evolution of Safety: What Your CEO Should Know E Safety Management
565 There Is No Glory In Fighting A Fire That Could Have Been Prevented BI Fire Protection - Technical / Engineering / Standards
566 Grain Entrapment - A Study of Effective Solutions for Rescue AE Emergency Management / Security - Technical / Engineering / Standards
567 Safety Training and Education: Getting to the 21st Century IA Executive - Training / Education
568 Identifying and Changing Behaviors Responsible for Trucking Industry Injuries I Transportation
569 Laceration Cessation Through Safety Education I Technical / Engineering / Standards
570 Fundamentals of SH&E: Hazard Identification and Control 101B B Fundamentals / Spanish
571 Key Issue Roundtable #4: Transitioning from Military to a Private Sector SH&E Career: Help & Hints Key Issue Roundtables
572 Key Issue Roundtable #5: Tools to Engage Employees & Effectively Sustain Wellness Programs Key Issue Roundtables